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Never Change E-mail Addresses Again

When you own your own domain name, you get to choose the e-mail address.  You will no longer need to select from the cryptic left-overs at Google, Hotmail, and Yahoo.  Purchase a domain name from our reseller site ( http://www.OurLan.us ) and then follow the tutorials on setting up your own e-mail address.

If you don't want to risk changing you e-mail configuration, you can easily forward the new address to any existing  e-mail. When you purchase the domain, you will be given 50 fowarding e-mail addresses.  Create your individual address and foward it to your current e-mail address.  Its that easy!

This also allows you to create group addresses.  If you want to send one e-mail to several people at once, you can create a forwarding address with multiple recipeints.

Ease and Flexiblity are yours for a low price!  Go to http://www.OurLan.us and select the best option for YOU!